Setting the record straight on cycling jerseys

California Correspondent April 29, 2008 0

rock and republic vs cipolini zebra stripes

As the left-coast correspondent for SportsCracklePop, it’s my job to cover all sports that the rest of United States is oblivious to, such as cycling. To kick off our first cycling-related post, let’s start with the basics: the cycling jersey (ie. spandex).

Last weekend the Tour of Georgia wrapped up with the US-based Rock & Republic Racing Team sporting new outfits designed by founder Michael Ball (yes, the same Rock & Republic that makes $320 bedazzled jeans).

Getting to the point of this post… If you are going to rock a spandex bike kit, you can’t try too hard to make it cool. The new Rock & Republic jerseys are the epitome of trying too hard. Please save the scull and cross bones for the bedazzled womens jeans. Legendary cyclists wore pink, yellow, zebra stripes, and logo plastered jerseys — which is the side to err on if you must rock the spandex.

Full example below if you need to know what’s naturally cool vs what’s trying too hard…

rock and republic vs cipolini zebra stripes

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