Jason Wahler could have been a minor league baseball player

King Ing April 29, 2008 0

As most of you don’t know, I love The Hills. I have no idea what keeps me so captivated, but 10pm on Monday nights you will find me glued to my TV drooling over LC. So I wake up this morning and my dreams of marital bliss with Lauren Conrad or any of the Laguna Beach/Hills girls come crashing down. Pictures of her with her minor league baseball boyfriend have now hit the internet. What does Doug Reinhardt have that I don’t? It can’t be his prowess on the baseball field. Even if it was, a friend procalimed me as “the best all-around wiffle ball player” he knows. My stats last time out were 9 IP, 0 R with 2HR and 6 RBI’s at the plate. What a horrific start to a gloomy Tuesday. I am also blaming me having no shot with LC on the inability to grow any facial hair (ex. Brody Jenner and Jason Wahler).

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