ESPN needed a new on air rivalry ever since Sean Salisbury left

King Ing April 29, 2008 0

I saw this on ESPN’s draft coverage Sunday afternoon and couldn’t wait to post about it. But my lackadaisical attitude and computer illiteracy, especially on how to post a video clip on youtube had me waiting for someone else to do it. Thankfully someone did. Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are the new John Clayton and Sean Salisbury. For weeks leading up to the draft these two have been arguing so vehemently about their draft opinions on various shows including Mike and Mike in the Morning and NFL Live. It all came to a head on Sunday’s draft coverage. Kiper and McShay were interrupting each other at an immense rate. I feel these two have a big brother/little brother relationship. McShay just making the varsity football team in high school as a freshman and Mel the senior, incumbent starter watching his spotlight getting stolen. I give the edge to Todd, only because he used my favorite line in an argument, “You’re making that up.” You make up your own minds.

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