Daddy, This Lemonade tastes funny.. and a little gay

Justin April 29, 2008 0

Here’s the thing about tenured professors of archaeology at the University of Michigan. They are not up on their girly drinks.

Christopher Ratte brought his son to a Tigers game, and bought him some lemonade from a vendor. Whoops. It was Mike’s Hard Lemonade. The professor says he had never heard of “hard lemonade” until that day and had no idea his 7 year old son was getting smashed at Comerica, until a security guard came over and told him what was up. An hour later, he was being questioned by police, and his kid was in foster care. Somewhere Jim Leyland is reading this and getting pissed, not because the father screwed up or the police overreacted. He’s angry that his team would sell such a pansy drink in the first place.

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