Champions League Review/Preview

Gianluca April 29, 2008 1

So, where do I start?
Well, the return game between Man U. and Barcelona promises to be outstanding. The first leg should have gone to Barcelona who dominated the game. Unfortunately for the Blaugranas, the 20 million chances they had to score never materialized. Man U looked confused. They had their attackers playing defense. They had no offensive strategy. I was waiting for them to score another of their lucky last minute goals. Actually to be fair, they are a great team and the fact that they can suffer a whole game and still score means a lot. But lucky they still are. Ok, so Ronaldo missed a penalty. It happens. AND NO, if he scored, nothing would have changed in Man U’s favor. The game was Barcelona’s to win. Messi, who played brilliantly, was hurt and wasn’t supposed to play. The same goes for Deco. With these injuries, the Catalonian squad still managed to impress. The next game at Old Trafford will be rough for Barcelona and they better get a goal in the first half to keep it going. Lucky for them, they tied 0 -0, so there were no goals scored on their turf.
My prediction: I don’t know.

Chelsea. Oh boy. If things continue this way they can win it all. All it takes is a little luck (Riise’s own goal) and their on their way. The fact is Liverpool dominated that game but Chelsea got lucky. And since soccer is unfair and it mimics life which is definitely very unfair, Liverpool could lose and no one will remember they deserved to win. That own goal AT HOME is a big problem for them now that they will face a charged up Chelsea that just beat Man U. in the Premier league and is tied for the title.
Again, I cannot predict anything

What I can predict is that some hearts will be broken as 3 of these 4 great teams will go home eventually as losers.

EDIT: Ronaldo does get to go home to this

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  1. mr. prince April 29, 2008 at 11:10 am -

    this guy is brilliant
    i agree with everything
    except i am willing to bet barcelona wins

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